Gables in the Bend - Welcome
Gables in the Bend - Home of Rock & Roll
Welcome to Gables! 
We are located at the top of Main Street just west of the Colonial in Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada (at 5 Main Street West). Gables offers daily live entertainment featuring a DJ and live bands covering top 40 tunes and classic favourites on the weekends.  
Our new Uptown Downtown Patio is now openCome visit us at our newly opened Main Street Patio - The Uptown-Downtown Patio. Connecting the Colonial Hotel to Gables, this patio is the place to be to grab a cold beer and delicious food on a hot Summer day. It is easy to spend an afternoon here people watching, catching up with friends and family, looking for inspiration to deal with I have to write my essays thoughts, and listening to music.  
Gables is where the fun starts and never ends!
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